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Case Studies

We believe a successful business expects and depends on competitive pricing, quality service, reliability and trust, therefore, to ensure our customers needs are met, we take pride in achieving this every day. This philosophy has driven 1st Waste Management Consultants Ltd. to become one of the UK’s premier consulting companies within the waste management industry.

AGE UK Case Study

1st Waste Management (1st Waste) entered into the contract with Help the Aged prior to their amalgamation with Age Concern England. Its key objectives were to consolidate their waste collections and streamline their billing and invoicing, along with reducing their overall costs and increase their ability to recycle.  Quite a challenge, but one we were committed to helping them achieve.

Once we had organised their waste collections, ensuring they were receiving the services that they actually required, we then set about reducing their waste by entering into a commercial partnership with a key provider of recycling to the charity sector.  Our combined efforts led to Help the Aged (as they were then) reducing their waste costs by almost a third. We also helped them increase their revenue by helping them gain the best prices for their recyclable products. These actions, supported by our waste audit process, all equated to a saving of £143,000+ per annum.

So innovative was our approach to this client that it led us to be nominated for and winning the:-
‘Best Partnership Project for Recycling 2009’.

OXFAM GB Case Study

OXFAM GB was with a national waste contractor and was experiencing problems with its collections, both general waste and recycling. 1st Waste Management was awarded the contract and within the first year had successfully moved all 700+ stores to the new process and eradicated many of these operational problems. They gave us at Oxfam visibility of our recycling issues and with the use of their specialist audit process helped us to reduce our costs in the first year by 20%.This has continued into Year 2 with more improvements and savings further reducing our costs by a further 12%.

1st Waste Management have been able to help our staff at OXFAM GB understand our own internal waste policy and process by regular training sessions with our shop managers throughout the UK. 1st Waste Management are now working directly with us and our suppliers to enable OXFAM to focus on landfill reduction aligned with our overall Environmental Organisational Strategy.

Glenda McBride
Purchasing Manager – Supporter Marketing and Trading

Hotel du Vin & Malmaison Hotels Case Study

In August 2009 1st Waste were asked by du Vin & Malmaison Hotels senior management to carry out a detailed review of waste management and recycling at all of their UK Hotels. Our core objective was to identify opportunities to improve service levels, reduce waste to landfill, increase recycling volumes and reduce overall waste management costs.

Our research revealed that the group had thirty four different suppliers with inconsistent pricing and we identified opportunities to reduce overall waste management costs by £37,000 in year one based on their current services. Our proposals were approved by the Board in December 2009 and a start date of February 2010 was agreed.

A two phase program to achieve the core objective was agreed and implemented. Phase one was to achieve quick wins by retaining incumbent suppliers at reduced rates and appointing new suppliers to achieve the £37,000 cost savings.

Phase two was to identify opportunities to reduce waste to landfill, increase recycling volumes and to further reduce overall waste management costs throughout the group. This was achieved by working closely at all levels in the group and by carrying out a rigorous audit program at all du Vin and Malmaison hotels.

1st Waste and du Vin & Malmaison Hotels have developed a strong partnership and continue working together to identify and develop opportunities to achieve the long term goal of zero waste to landfill.

KFC Case Study

1st Waste has worked with KFC since 2001. Initially locally, from their offices on the South Coast, then regionally and finally, nationally in 2002. Since then 1st Waste has helped KFC with a number of projects including the roll-out of recycling nationally, the cost reduction modelling exercise (saving £500K), and the zero waste to landfill initiative.

Through our dynamic customer services team we have consistently delivered a quality service which has the customer’s wishes at the centre of our focus.

In 2008 1st Waste was nominated as supplier of the year (non-food) and the following year was awarded ‘Supplier of the year – customer Mania Award’ for its innovative approach to new projects and in recognition of our achievements of previous targets.