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Using our network of service providers, we offer a total waste management package for all commercial businesses. We cater from day-to-day collections of general waste and recyclables to skips and clinical waste; this gives our clients the freedom and trust of knowing all their waste needs are dealt with by one company. At 1st Waste, we provide assistance with compliance, supplying of waste transfer notes and ensuring our clients are meeting any legislative obligations.

  • Following our in-house site audits, we will offer recommendations on service amendments that could provide savings between 5% and 20% on your current waste disposal costs whilst increasing your recycling.

  • You will receive scheduled waste pick ups and the highest quality of service operating through 1st Waste Management Ltd.

  • We will take care of all price negotiations, pick-up scheduling, and invoicing.

  • You will receive one invoice per period and one company to liase with, 1st Waste Management.

One of our main priorities is to make dealing with waste easier for you.

Sites Serviced
Bins Emptied per week
Collection Hit Rate

Bin Specifications

Example Bin


Waste Type


240 Litre

Height 1066mm
width 585mm
depth 730mm

  • EURO 240 litre – Food Waste

  • EURO 240 litre – ABP Food Waste

  • EURO240 Litres General Waste

  • EURO240 Litres Mixed Recycling


360 Litre

Height 1100mm
width 680mm
depth 865mm

  • EURO360 Litres General Waste

  • EURO360 Litre Compacted Waste


660 Litre

Height 1300mm
width 1260mm
depth 760mm

  • EURO 660 litre – General Waste

  • EURO 660 litre – Cardboard

  • EURO 660 litre – Paper/ Card recycling

  • EURO 660 litre – Mixed Plastics

  • EURO 660 litre – Mixed Recyclables

  • EURO 660 litre – General Waste (compacted)

  • EURO 660 litre – Glass Recycling


1100 Litre Flat Top

Height 1330mm
width 1240mm
depth 1070mm

  • EURO1100 litre – General Waste

  • EURO1100 litre – Cardboard

  • EURO1100 litre – Paper/ Card recycling

  • EURO1100 litre – Mixed Plastics

  • EURO1100 litre – Mixed Recyclables

  • EURO1100 litre – General Waste (compacted)

  • EURO1100 litre – Glass Recycling


FEL (Front End Loader)

6yd: (4.6m3)

Height 1900mm / Length 1810mm /

Length 2000mm8yd: (6.1m3) Height 2140mm /

Length 2140mm / Length 2000mm

10yd: (2.12m3) Height 2120mm / Length 2150mm /

Length 2020mm

* Other sizes available on request

  • FEL10 Yard (8.0m3) General Waste

  • FEL10 Yard (8.0m3) Mixed Recycling

  • FEL10 Yard (8.0m3) Cardboard

  • FEL2 Yard (1.5 m3) General Waste

  • FEL2 Yard (1.5 m3) Cardboard

  • FEL4 Yard (3.1m3) General Waste

  • FEL6 Yard (4.6m3) General waste

  • FEL6 Yard ( 4.6m3) Cardboard

  • FEL6 Yard (4.6m3) Mixed Recycling

  • FEL8 Yard (6.1m3) General Waste

  • FEL8 Yard (6.1m3) Cardboard

  • FEL8 Yard (6.1m3) Mixed Recycling


REL (Rear End Loader)

8yd: (6.1m3) Height 1500mm / Length 3260mm /

Length 1680mm10yd: (7.6m3) Height 1680mm /

Length 3700mm / Length 1680mm

12yd: (9.2m3) Height 1860mm / Length 3700mm / Length 1680mm

14yd: (10.7m3) Height 2000mm / Length 4200mm / Length 1680mm

16yd: (12.16m3) Height 2000mm / Length 4510mm / Length 1680mm

* Other sizes available on request

  • REL8 Yard (6.1m3) General Waste

  • REL8 Yard (6.1m3) Cardboard

  • REL8 Yard (6.1m3) Mixed Recycling

  • REL10 Yard (7.7m3) General WasteR

  • EL10 Yard (7.7m3) Cardboard

  • REL12 Yard (9.2m3) General Waste

  • REL12 Yard (9.2m3) Cardboard

  • REL14 Yard (10.7m3) General Waste

  • REL14 Yard (10.7m3) Cardboard

  • REL16 Yard (12.2m3) General Waste

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