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Hazardous Waste Management

If not handled correctly, Hazardous waste can cause damage to the environment and needs to be handled in the correct way.  Our team use suppliers that are fully compliant with all relevant legislation and provide the best way to handle your Hazardous waste needs.

What Services Do We Offer

  • Chemical Waste- Flammable Waste/Solids Acids, Solvents/Anti Freeze

  • Bulk Liquid Disposal

  • Paints, Resin, Sludge, Paint Tin & Rags Contaminated with Oil

  • Laboratory Waste

  • Batteries and WEEE Collections ( Fridges/TV’s and Appliances etc).

  • Pesticides

  • Diesel/Fuel & Oil and Brake Fluid Collections

  • Florescent Tubes/Lights

  • Asbestos Removal

  • Aerosols and Used Waste Containers

  • Clinical Waste

We Can Provide

  • Tanker Collections

  • Drums & IBCs ( Clip Top/Bung Top & Cut Off IBCs)

  • Fluorescent Tube Containers

  • WEEE Container

Our Services

  • Trained chemist available to visit sites and take samples

  • Reduced transport costs when in area

  • Provide Suitable container for all waste

  • All suppliers are compliant & ADR trained and will provide consignment notes

  • Emergency collections available

  • Our service include packing, labelling & loading

  • DGSA qualified staff

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