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Ethical Policy2017-07-18T09:13:13+01:00

1st Waste Management
Environmental Ethical Policy

 1st Waste Management Consultants Ltd seeks to ensure that all of our activities comply fully with relevant environmental management procedures

1st Waste Management Consultants Ltd recognises that the activities of our suppliers have an impact on the environment. In all of our activities working practices and business relationships, we are committed to protecting, conserving an enhancing all aspects of the environment over which we have control or can influence.


To deliver our Environmental Policy, 1st Waste Management Consultants Ltd will;

• Ensure that all of our activities comply fully with relevant environmental legislation and perceived best practice;
• Set practical aims for the continual improvement of our environmental management procedures;
• Use resources wisely by reducing resource use and re-using or recycling materials wherever possible
• Understand the sensitivities of our customers, including the pressures of growing and changing statutory and public concern about environmental issues, and assist them in complying with environmental best practice;
• Identify opportunities to reduce an environmental impact of our activities at an early stage and adopt these changes where appropriate;
• Encourage all of our suppliers to have, or be developing an environmental policy statement;
• Continue to review our environmental performance, and strive to respond to issues as they arise
• Encourage our staff to minimise car journeys and use environmentally sustainable transport methods in respect of commuting and business journeys wherever practical;
• Support bio fuel and green travel objectives implemented and planned by our suppliers.

Ethical Trading Policy Statement:

1st Waste Management Consultants Ltd will aim to trade ethically. To implement this policy we will;

• Not take advantage of lower employment or manufacturing costs;
• Adhere to any Government recognised trading sanctions/standards;
• Not trade with those suppliers which our directors believe are violators of human rights, or who take advantage of high unemployment or low manufacturing/production/supply costs;
• Refuse to work with any client or prospective client/supplier which we have reason to consider exploits humans, animals or the environment unfairly.

This statement will be available though the company via hard copy upon request.